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Build with WASI-Crypto Plug-in

WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) Crypto is a proposal for a set of APIs that provide cryptographic operations for WebAssembly modules. It aims to provide a consistent, portable, and secure interface for cryptographic operations across different platforms. The WasmEdge WASI-Crypto plug-in is an implementation of this proposal, providing cryptographic functionalities to WebAssembly applications running on the WasmEdge runtime.


Currently, WasmEdge used OpenSSL 1.1 or 3.0 for the WASI-Crypto implementation.

For installing OpenSSL 1.1 development package on Ubuntu 20.04, we recommend the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y libssl-dev

For legacy systems such as CensOS 7.6, or if you want to build OpenSSL 1.1 from source, you can refer to the following commands:

# Download and extract the OpenSSL source to the current directory.
curl -s -L -O --remote-name-all
echo "40dceb51a4f6a5275bde0e6bf20ef4b91bfc32ed57c0552e2e8e15463372b17a openssl-1.1.1n.tar.gz" | sha256sum -c
tar -xf openssl-1.1.1n.tar.gz
cd ./openssl-1.1.1n
# OpenSSL configure need newer perl.
curl -s -L -O --remote-name-all
tar -xf perl-5.34.0.tar.gz
cd perl-5.34.0
mkdir localperl
./Configure -des -Dprefix=$(pwd)/localperl/
make -j
make install
export PATH="$(pwd)/localperl/bin/:$PATH"
cd ..
# Configure by previous perl.
mkdir openssl
./perl-5.34.0/localperl/bin/perl ./config --prefix=$(pwd)/openssl --openssldir=$(pwd)/openssl
make -j
make test
make install
cd ..
# The OpenSSL installation directory is at `$(pwd)/openssl-1.1.1n/openssl`.
# Then you can use the `-DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=` option of cmake to assign the directory.

For MacOS platforms, you should install the openssl:

brew install openssl

We'll soon update this chapter to use OpenSSL 3.0.

Build WasmEdge with WASI-Crypto Plug-in

To enable the WasmEdge WASI-Crypto, developers need to building the WasmEdge from source with the cmake option -DWASMEDGE_PLUGIN_WASI_CRYPTO=ON.

cd <path/to/your/wasmedge/source/folder>
# For using self-get OpenSSL, you can assign the cmake option `-DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=<path/to/openssl>`.
# On MacOS, it may be: `-DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=$(brew --prefix)/opt/openssl`
cmake --build build
# For the WASI-Crypto plug-in, you should install this project.
cmake --install build

If the built wasmedge CLI tool cannot find the WASI-Crypto plug-in, you can set the WASMEDGE_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to the plug-in installation path (such as /usr/local/lib/wasmedge/, or the built plug-in path build/plugins/wasi_crypto/) to try to fix this issue.

Then you will have an executable wasmedge runtime under /usr/local/bin and the WASI-Crypto plug-in under /usr/local/lib/wasmedge/ after installation.

For more information, you can refer to the GitHub repository.