WasmEdge Runtime

A cloud native WebAssembly runtime for edge computing

WasmEdge enables serverless functions to be embedded into any software platforms from cloud's edge to SaaS to automobiles!

Use cases

Jamstack apps

High performance web applications with decoupled static frontends and serverless backends on edge clouds.

SaaS reactors

Embed user-contributed functions into SaaS platforms to customize the SaaS's behavior for its users.


A mission critical runtime to make Software Defined Vehicles safe, open, and efficient.


An Ethereum compatible smart contract runtime engine for next-gen public blockchains.

IoT and stream processing

Plug user defined functions into a stream data processor to handle data events at real time.


1. Very fast

Especially at startup (up to 100x faster)

2. AOT optimization

Delivers "faster than native" performance

3. Small footprint

Consumes less than 5MB of memory space

4. Portable

Across OS and CPU platforms, including RTOS

5. Capability-based security

Allows computing tasks controlled access to resources

6. AI inference

Supports hardware accelerated Tensorflow

7. Embeddable

Easily embeddable into JavaScript, Golang, and other host apps

8. Manageability

Can be provisioned and managed by Kubernetes

9. Smart contracts

Supports major blockchain protocols, including next-gen Ethereum


Learn to create and deploy your first Rust function as a microservice in Node.js. It runs inside a Second State WebAssembly VM for safety, portability and speed. Learn more
You can pass any data type between JavaScript and Rust functions running in WasmEdge. In some cases, you will need to rely on JSON to encapsulate values. Learn more
The high-performance WasmEdge is well suited to run computationally intensive web services, such as data processing and machine learning services. Learn more
WasmEdge supports the WebAssembly System Interface (WASI). It allows bytecode programs to access system resources such as the random seed, standard I/O, and the file system. Learn more
WasmEdge provides a Rust API for Tensorflow. By calling Tensorflow functions through WASI, it could boost AI performance by 1000x compared with regular WASM byecodes. Learn more
WasmEdge provides a Rust API to safely call native programs. The native program is typically a thin wrapper around a native library. Learn more

WasmEdge is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Sandbox project.