Build WasmEdge With WasmEdge-Process Plug-in


The prerequisites of the WasmEdge-Process plug-in is the same as the WasmEdge building environment on the Linux platforms.

Build WasmEdge with WasmEdge-Process Plug-in

To enable the WasmEdge WasmEdge-HttpsReq, developers need to building the WasmEdge from source with the cmake option -DWASMEDGE_PLUGIN_PROCESS=On.

cd <path/to/your/wasmedge/source/folder>
mkdir -p build && cd build
# For the WasmEdge-HttpsReq plugin, you should install this project.
cmake --install .

If the built wasmedge CLI tool cannot find the WasmEdge-Process plug-in, you can set the WASMEDGE_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to the plug-in installation path (/usr/local/lib/wasmedge/, or the built plug-in path build/plugins/wasmedge_process/) to try to fix this issue.

Then you will have an executable wasmedge runtime under /usr/local/bin and the WasmEdge-Process plug-in under /usr/local/lib/wasmedge/ after installation.