Build WasmEdge on Linux

Get the Source Code

git clone
cd WasmEdge

Prepare the Environment

Docker Images

The easiest way to setup the environment is using the WasmEdge docker images.

You can use the following commands to get our latest docker image from dockerhub:

docker pull wasmedge/wasmedge # Pulls the latest - wasmedge/wasmedge:latest

Or you can pull with the available tags.

Install Dependencies on Ubuntu 20.04 Manually

For the developers who don't want to use docker, they can setup the environment on Ubuntu Manually.

Please check that these dependencies are satisfied.

  • LLVM 12.0.0 (>= 10.0.0)
  • GCC 11.1.0 (>= 9.4.0)
# Tools and libraries
sudo apt install -y \
   software-properties-common \
   cmake \

# And you will need to install llvm for the AOT runtime
sudo apt install -y \
   llvm-12-dev \

# WasmEdge supports both clang++ and g++ compilers.
# You can choose one of them to build this project.
# If you prefer GCC, then:
sudo apt install -y gcc g++
# Or if you prefer clang, then:
sudo apt install -y clang-12

Support for Legacy Operating Systems

Our development environment requires libLLVM-12 and >=GLIBCXX_3.4.33.

If users are using operating systems older than Ubuntu 20.04, please use our special docker image to build WasmEdge. If you are looking for the pre-built binaries for the older operating system, we also provide several pre-built binaries based on manylinux* distributions.

Docker ImageBase ImageProvided Requirements
wasmedge/wasmedge:manylinux2014_x86_64CentOS 7.9GLIBC <= 2.17
CXXABI <= 1.3.7
GLIBCXX <= 3.4.19
GCC <= 4.8.0
wasmedge/wasmedge:manylinux2014_aarch64CentOS 7.9GLIBC <= 2.17
CXXABI <= 1.3.7
GLIBCXX <= 3.4.19
GCC <= 4.8.0

Build WasmEdge

Please refer to here for the descriptions of all CMake options.

# After pulling our wasmedge docker image
docker run -it --rm \
    -v <path/to/your/wasmedge/source/folder>:/root/wasmedge \
# In docker
cd /root/wasmedge
# If you don't use docker then you need to run only the following commands in the cloned repository root
mkdir -p build && cd build

Run Tests

The following tests are available only when the build option WASMEDGE_BUILD_TESTS is set to ON.

Users can use these tests to verify the correctness of WasmEdge binaries.

# In docker
cd <path/to/wasmedge/build_folder>
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/lib/api ctest