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Develop WASM Apps

A fundamental value proposition of WebAssembly is that it supports multiple programming languages. WebAssembly is a "managed runtime" for many programming languages including C/C++, Rust, Go, and even JavaScript and Python.

  • For compiled languages (e.g., C and Rust), WasmEdge WebAssembly provides a safe, secure, isolated, and containerized runtime as opposed to Native Client (NaCl).
  • For interpreted or managed languages (e.g., JavaScript and Python), WasmEdge WebAssembly provides a secure, fast, lightweight, and containerized runtime instead of Docker + guest OS + native interpreter.

This chapter will discuss how to compile sources into WebAssembly in different languages and run them in WasmEdge.

Besides this, we also have two more guides for Embedding WASM Functions and Contributing to WasmEdge.