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ES6 Modules

The WasmEdge QuickJS runtime supports ES6 modules. The roll-up commands we used in the React SSR examples convert and bundle CommonJS and NPM modules into ES6 modules to execute in WasmEdge QuickJS. This article will show you how to use the ES6 module in WasmEdge.


See here

Run the example

We will take the example in example_js/es6_module_demo folder as an example. To run the example, you can do the following on the CLI.

$ wasmedge --dir .:. wasmedge_quickjs.wasm example_js/es6_module_demo/demo.js
hello from module_def.js
hello from module_def_async.js
./module_def_async.js `something` is async thing

Make sure that you run those commands from the wasmedge-quickjs directory. Here is why

Code Explanation

The module_def.js file defines and exports a simple JS function.

function hello() {
console.log('hello from module_def.js');

export { hello };

The module_def_async.js file defines and exports an async function and a variable.

export async function hello() {
console.log('hello from module_def_async.js');
return 'module_def_async.js : return value';

export var something = 'async thing';

The demo.js file imports functions and variables from those modules and executes them.

import { hello as module_def_hello } from './module_def.js';


var f = async () => {
let { hello, something } = await import('./module_def_async.js');
await hello();
console.log('./module_def_async.js `something` is ', something);