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Develop WASM Apps in JavaScript

Yes! You could run JavaScript programs in WasmEdge.

📄️ Built-in modules

The WasmEdge QuickJS runtime supports ES6 and NPM modules for application developers. However, those approaches could be more convenient for system developers. They need an easier way to add multiple JavaScript modules and APIs into the runtime without using build tools like rollup.js. The WasmEdge QuickJS modules system allows developers to drop JavaScript files into a modules folder and have the JavaScript functions defined in the files immediately available to all JavaScript programs in the runtime. A good use case for this module's system is to support Node.js APIs in WasmEdge.

📄️ Example: SSR

React is a very popular JavaScript web UI framework. A React application is "compiled" into an HTML and JavaScript static website. The web UI is rendered through the generated JavaScript code. However, executing the complex generated JavaScript entirely in the browser is often too slow and resource consuming to build the interactive HTML DOM objects. React Server Side Rendering (SSR) delegates the JavaScript UI rendering to a server and has the server stream rendered HTML DOM objects to the browser. The WasmEdge JavaScript runtime provides a lightweight and high-performance container to run React SSR functions on edge servers.