Bring the cloud-native and serverless application paradigms to Edge Computing.
(type (;0;) (func (param i32) (result i32)))
(func $fib (type 0) (param $n i32) (result i32)
	local.get $n
	i32.const 2
	if  ;; label = @1
		i32.const 1
	local.get $n
	i32.const 2
	call $fib
	local.get $n
	i32.const 1
	call $fib
(export "fib" (func $fib)))

WasmEdge is a lightweight, high-performance, and extensible WebAssembly runtime for cloud native, edge, and decentralized applications.

It powers serverless apps, embedded functions, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices.

Let's get started

1. Install WasmEdge with an one-line command:

curl -sSf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WasmEdge/WasmEdge/master/utils/install.sh | bash

2. Create an app or function for WasmEdge in:

3. Embed the WasmEdge function into your host app written in:

Compared with Linux containers, WasmEdge could be 100x faster at start-up and 20% faster at runtime.

A WasmEdge app could take 1/100 of the size of a similar Linux container app.

  • Network sockets
  • Async processing
  • Tensorflow inference
  • Key-value stores
  • Database connectors
  • Gas meters
  • ES6 module and std API support
  • Node and NPM module API support
  • React SSR streaming
  • Implement JS APIs in Rust
  • Much lighter than containerized v8
  • Container tooling support
  • Kubernetes ecosystem support
  • Data plane plug-ins
  • Sidecar apps in service meshes
  • Dapr microservices
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Microkernel and RTOS
  • Intel x86, ARM, and M1 CPUs

Build WasmEdge extensions in C++.

Build customized WasmEdge runtimes with native host functions in C, Go and Rust.

Embed WasmEdge functions in C, Go, Rust, Node.js and Python host applications.

Embed functions in cloud and edge native application platforms and frameworks.

WasmEdge provides a lightweight, fast, safe and portable alternative to Linux containers in cloud native and edge native environments.

News & Events

WasmEdge 0.9.1 is released
This release features integrated high-performance networking, JavaScript streaming SSR and Fetch API support, a new bindgen framework, Android and OpenHarmony OS support, expanded Kubernetes support, and improved memory management.
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Docker Launched WebAssembly Support with WasmEdge
In the Cloud native Wasm day event at KubeCon NA 2022, Docker announced Docker+Wasm technical preview in partnership with CNCF’s Wasm runtime WasmEdge. With a single command, docker compose up, Docker developers can instantly build, share, and run a complete Wasm application.
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A lightweight, safe, portable, and high-performance runtime for Dapr
Using WasmEdge as a sidecar application runtime for Dapr.
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WasmEdge is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Sandbox project.