Use Docker for WasmEdge app development

The appdev Docker images provide a complete WasmEdge application development environment. To use it, do the following.

On x86_64 machines

$ docker pull wasmedge/appdev_x86_64:0.9.0
$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/app -it wasmedge/appdev_x86_64:0.9.0
(docker) #

Here is the Dockerfile and Docker Hub image.

On arm64 machines

$ docker pull wasmedge/appdev_aarch64:0.9.0
$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/app -it wasmedge/appdev_aarch64:0.9.0
(docker) #

Here is the Dockerfile and Docker Hub image.

The WasmEdge application development Docker image installs the following components.

  • WasmEdge CLI and shared libraries
  • WasmEdge with Tensorflow extension CLI and libraries (x86_64 only)
  • Golang
  • Rust
  • Node.js with WasmEdge addons
  • Examples in the /root/examples/ folder


Hello World. See more simple examples

$ wasmedge hello.wasm world

Use AOT to run it much faster.

$ wasmedgec hello.wasm hello.wasm
$ wasmedge hello.wasm world

Here are some JavaScript examples. See more

$ wasmedge --dir .:. qjs.wasm hello.js 1 2 3
Hello 1 2 3

$ wasmedge-tensorflow-lite --dir .:. qjs_tf.wasm tf_image_classify.js
label: Hot dog
confidence: 0.8941176470588236

Build and publish the appdev images

Run these commands to build and publish the appdev Docker images.

Build on an x86_64 machine

docker build -t wasmedge/appdev_x86_64:0.9.0 -f Dockerfile.appdev_x86_64 ./ 
docker image push wasmedge/appdev_x86_64:0.9.0

Build on an ARM64 / aarch64 machine

docker build -t wasmedge/appdev_aarch64:0.9.0 -f Dockerfile.appdev_aarch64 ./
docker image push wasmedge/appdev_aarch64:0.9.0