FAQ abut WebAssembly and WasmEdge

Q: What's the relationship between WebAssembly and Docker?

A: Check out our infographic WebAssembly vs. Docker. WebAssembly runs side by side with Docker in cloud native and edge native applications.

Q: What's the difference for Native clients (NaCl), Application runtimes, and WebAssembly?

A: We created a handy table for comparison.

NaClApplication runtimes (eg Node & Python)Docker-like containerWebAssembly
Resource footprintGreatPoorPoorGreat
Language and framework choiceN/AN/AGreatOK
Ease of useOKGreatGreatOK

Q: What's the difference between WebAssembly and eBPF?

A: eBPF is the bytecode format for a Linux kernel space VM that is suitable for network or security related tasks. WebAssembly is the bytecode format for a user space VM that is suited for business applications. See details here