CommonJS module

The WasmEdge QuickJS runtime supports CommonJS (CJS) modules. This article will show you how to use CJS modules in WasmEdge.

The example_js/simple_common_js_demo folder in the GitHub repo contains several examples for your reference.

The other_module/main.js file defines and exports a simple CJS module.

print('hello other_module')
module.exports = ['other module exports']

The one_module/main.js file uses the CJS module.

print('hello one_module');
let other_module_exports = require('../other_module/main.js')

Then the file_module.js file imports the module and runs it.

import * as one from './one_module/main.js'
print('hello file_module')

To run the example, you need to build a WasmEdge QuickJS runtime with CJS support.

$ cargo build --target wasm32-wasi --release --features=cjs

Finally, do the following on the CLI.

$ cd example_js/simple_common_js_demo
$ wasmedge --dir .:. ../../target/wasm32-wasi/release/wasmedge_quickjs.wasm file_module.js
hello one_module
dirname: one_module
hello other_module
other_module_exports= other module exports
hello file_module

Note, the --dir .:. on the command line is to give wasmedge permission to read the local directory in the file system for the file_module.js file.